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Rocky Road Cupcake


How it started


I've always loved to cook.


Family dinners and holiday gatherings were always centered around our food traditions. I think I made my first turkey when I was 12 years old, complete with herb leaves under the skin, just like Martha did it. This love of cooking continued through high school, college and beyond. I would bring pies into the office and give sweet treats at Christmas for co-workers.


Fast forward to 2012 when I took a cake decorating class. I mainly took it to get more comfortable decorating with a piping bag. Each week we would make a cake to take in to the class to practice a variety of new decorating techniques. I began experimenting with recipes and flavor combinations for these cakes. I would end up taking these practice cakes into the office. Before too long, co-workers were asking me to make items for them.


Over the past few years I've decided that cupcakes are my specialty. I've made cakes but do not like the stress that comes with creating stacked's just too nerve-wracking for me! After years of friends and family encouraging me, I finally decided to take it to the next level in 2015 with Jenny G's Cupcakes & Treats. Enjoy!



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